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wordpress video tube a completely new & powerful wordpress video plugin & tube theme you can use to create fantastic video websites...

when using this wordpress video plugin with VideoSWIPER you can mass embed videos at staggering rates of over 5000 embeds an hour allowing you to build your own video network of sites with our unlimited installations license.

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Bootstrap & Responsive

Our brand new bootstrap 3.2 design is now fully responsive for your mobile phones and tablets, now your visitors can watch videos on their mobiles with full responsive layout resizing to any device size not only that our theme is designed with the best framework on the planet.

Powerful Video Sitemaps

Video sitemaps are the key here, most if not all wordpress video plugins and themes do not come packaged with any video sitemaps, in fact you would have to purchase a video sitemap plugin when wordpress video tube comes complete with the most powerful video sitemaps.

Theme Color Changer

Complete with theme changer allowing you to use different color themes without ever having to open a single template or edit any CSS stylesheet files, the plugin comes packaged with 6 great looking color themes you can switch anytime with a click of a button using the settings pages.

Clever by Design

Wordpress video tube is essentially a video theme for the popular wordpress platform, once installed you will be able to use this theme as either a video CMS a blog or both as we have split this theme into two sections allowing you to both use videos and articles on your site making this video theme much more flexible so you can use this just for videos or you can mix your videos with blog posts.

Wordpress video tube comes complete with its own admin panel too, this means as soon as you login to your wordpress admin panel you can go right to the theme settings pages which are fully tabbed for easy access to all the themes settings so you can control your site without fuss or complication.

Facebook has it's own powerful search engine and this should not be over looked, that's why we have included a fully integrated facebook & twitter open graph system which will make sure whenever users share your posts, pages, videos and images they are all parsed correclty.

Not forgetting the extremely powerful video sitemaps which are also included in this theme free of charge when other developers are charing over $100 for video sitemap plugins. Get your videos indexed correctly & lightning fast with this super add on.

It's a known fact that Google loves Wordpress, it just can't help itself from indexing Wordpress websites so it makes more sense to use Wordpress for your next video website project than any other video embedding script, you know Google is going to index your sites faster than normal websites and probably index more of your pages faster too.

You don't need to worry about footprints back to our website either as there are no footer copyright links or powered by links for you to worry about, we sell 100% source code with absolutely no encrypted files giving you great piece of mind when purchasing.

What Our Clients Think

I found this plugin to be really good after getting used to the admin settings pages, this video theme makes really nice video sites & it indexes well in Google too.

Breon Schmidt 

I like this video plugin, especially now there is a mobile version but the web version is really great too for all my video websites, good job with this.

Samantha Long 

Bottom line, would i recommend it? Great for start up's and those with many videos sites using the multiple domain license which is great value for money.

Dave Linchford 

Simply awesome plugin, I use this theme for all my real estate video blog websites, it makes a great theme for both videos and blogging at the same time.

Mark Bradford 

Comes complete with an unlimited domains license!    Demo Sites Buy Now

WordPressVideoTube Features

  • Panda & Penguin safe, Google loves this plugin, gets videos indexed instantly!
  • Designed for high conversions from affiliate offers, keeps users on your site longer
  • Index page carousel image slider for featured site images
  • 8 different color themes to choose from with single click activation
  • 20 different page backgrounds to choose from with single click activation
  • Random featured videos on the index page which rotate with page refresh
  • Latest articles on the index page below the videos section which can be turned on or off
  • Unique video sitemaps for YouTube like indexing sometimes within hours not weeks
  • Facebook & Twitter open graph providing correct meta tags for thumbnails
  • Simply point & click & edit on the fly in realtime with theme & plugin settings!
  • Fully connected to VideoSwiper for mass video embedding at over 5000 an hour
  • Template changer for theme colours from the settings without editing css or HTML
  • Backgrounds changer, switch backgrounds direct from the settings pages
  • RSS syndication blocks allow you to run any RSS feeds rotating on pages
  • Separate blog/video blocks so you can create video sites away from your articles
  • Video suggestions and random videos in sidebars allow for engaging visitors
  • Unique post page custom fields which allow for thumbnail / featured thumbs
  • Text blocks allow for call to action text to be shown using bold stand out colours
  • Affiliate footer links allow for placing extra links in the footer without editing
  • Over 40 sidebar variations mix & match any of the enabled blocks
  • Manually add videos from any site that supports embeds & use the uploader
  • Fully language supported no matter what country you can change the language
  • Advertising zones built in, forget trying to place ads in the templates
  • Fully optimized for social signals with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest
  • Google traffic pop allows you to force visitors to plus 1 your pages & videos
  • Built in voting for video posts using LIKE / DISLIKE functionality
  • Navigation custom menu enabled for unique & complex drop down menus
  • Analytics & Add This settings for 3rd party code without editing
  • Search pages have separate video & non video listings
  • Made for use with any niche or target not just affiliate marketing
  • Many more features within the theme settings areas which we have not listed above
  • Full lifetime updates absolutely free
  • Fully managed support helpdesk for all your needs
  • Training area with many video tutorials, tips & tricks & free plugins

Profit From Embedded Videos

Running your own WordPress Video Tube websites can be extremely profitable with banner ad clicks pulling in great revenue monthly for basically doing nothing, video traffic loves to click on banners & if you get the right mix of sites to affiliate with you can't go wrong. WordPress Video Tube is the perfect script to use because it's not only fits the budget of most pockets but comes packed with great features and functionality including banner ads management which allows for ads across your site in different ad zones making it really easy to get your ads uploaded & running on your site in a flash.

100% Source Code & No Powered By

Wordpress Video Tube comes with NO encryption and 100% source code and we don't have any copyright removal or footer links your required to pay for to get removed. This makes the script a great download to have & remember you can use it on all the domains you personally own too, plus if you use WordPress Video Tube with VideoSwiper you can create 100's of niche sites in just a matter of a few weeks all with 1000's of videos on them updated daily using the fully automated system from them.

Simple to Use Admin Settings

Admin Panel Settings

How VideoSwiper Works

VideoSWIPER is a very powerful video application which allows you to mass embed videos to your wordpress sites at a rate of over 5000 videos an hour, they have over 1.5 billion videos in their database & you get access to all of them so no matter what your niche you will find many videos that fit the market you are going for. Visit VideoSWIPER for a free no brainer trial.

Best used with the premium plan which allows for unlimited site connections and unlimited uploads per month, it also allows for complete set & forget automation & once you have set this up all your wordpress sites will receive videos daily without you having to search, save or ever manually submit another video again. You can manually change all the meta titles, descriptions and tags or use the mass meta changers, you can also use the built in content spinning engines too.

Get Free Support at Our Helpdesk

WordPressVideoTube comes with full and free support via our ticket support system, simply login to your account & go to the support area.

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Server Requirements

  • Apache Web Server
  • SQL database
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • HTACCESS Mod Rewrite
  • CURL

Installation Service

If you would like us to install this script for you then simply go to the payment page for installation and purchase, then simply open a support ticket requesting installation & remember to include your paypal transaction ID in your ticket. We install on cpanel servers only.